Games will be played at Del Norte High School in the 4S Ranch area of San Diego.

Venue Rules (please forward to your team):

In preparation for your participation in this event and to help facilitate your full enjoyment of all that it has to offer, please provide and brief all your attending players and families, with this information regarding the following tournament regulations:

  1. It is important that all rules are followed in the spirit of sportsmanship and competition, and to facilitate a productive and enjoyable tournament for all.
  2. Please adhere to all field and venue rules. Obey all posted signs.
  3. The soccer field and its vicinity, including but not limited to sidelines and goal areas, are subject to balls, and players, who may leave the field of play during the course of competition and warm-ups. Such occurrences are inherent in the game of soccer. Attendance and participation is at each spectator’s own risk. Avoid walking behind active goal areas. Please be alert and attentive to action on each respective field and venue.
  4. Please respect all staff and officials, including referees, field marshals, security personnel, parking attendants, and vendors.
  5. Please respect all players and opposing sidelines. Refrain from profanity and any negative or demonstrative conduct. This tournament is for the growth and exhibition of all our youth players, and all must present a positive environment for their benefit.
  6. While we strive to have the highest quality venues, please lock your vehicles to help reduce any likelihood of unauthorized removal of property from your vehicle while you are viewing games.
  7. The Tournament may offer a lost-and-found as a courtesy, but does not assume responsibility, or temporary ownership, of any property that may be lost and subsequently turned in.
  8. Please be respectful of each venue, and assist with the removal of any trash which your team may generate on the sidelines, or within the player tents.

Thank you again for your participation in the Del Norte Champions Cup, and we look forward to a weekend of top competition and development for all our players and attendees.