Teams may register a maximum of 22 players for 11v11 (only 18 players can dress); and 18 players for 9v9 and 14 players 7v7. Teams are allowed an unlimited number of loan players.

No refunds will be granted after November 27, 2022.

Home Team:

The home team appears first on the game schedule. The home team will supply 3 game balls. Game balls are subject to referee approval. The home team will be required to switch to an alternate jersey if the referee decides the colors conflict. The home team will have the selection of which bench to sit on. The halfway line shall separate the teams.

Before the game – Check-In:

Teams shall check-in at their field with the Del Norte Champions Cup Field Marshal at least an hour before their first game on Saturday morning. 8:00am games may check in at 7:15am. A team representative must present player ID cards and medical release forms for all players at check-in. Players do not need to be present. Failure to check-in may result in disqualification from the tournament.

Every manager will be required to sign a document stating that all paperwork is in order, players are of the correct age to play in the event, teams will follow the rules of the tournament, and parents will behave on the sideline (a parent send-off could result in the team being forfeited out of the tournament so please make sure your parents understand they are to sit down and watch and not be confrontational or risk the team being disqualified out of the event due to their behavior). We will not condone nor allow bad behavior from teams, coaches or parents and we WILL forfeit teams out of the event for unacceptable and inappropriate behavior.

Managers will then drop off their official game sheet with their assigned field marshal.

Managers should hold on to all player ID cards UNLESS there is a red-card sendoff in which case the referee will need to collect the player ID card, for that player, from the manager.

Referees will not hold on to player ID cards during the game.

Referees will perform safety checks on all players.

Once your team has officially checked-in 1 hour before the first game, no further check-ins will be required for pool play.

However, MAKE SURE you have the player ID cards and medical release forms with you at every game.

For the FINALS ONLY, please provide your player ID cards to the referee and remember to collect them from the referee after the game.

After the game:

After the game, managers should pick up their game sheet from the field marshal tent. The game sheet must be signed by the referee and a manager or coach from each team. The field marshal will report the scores.


At check-in, teams must provide all required credentials. All U.S. teams must provide a current laminated player ID card with photographs as well as signed Medical Release Forms. Your USYSA State Association may require additional paperwork to play in our tournament including travel papers and/or player loan forms. It is up to you to comply with all of your state association’s rules. Teams in Region IV of USYSA do not need any additional paperwork. US teams registered through AYSO, USSF or US Club Soccer must provide the appropriate travel documentation for the organization to which they are affiliated (for US Club, an approved roster from the US Club website). International teams must provide a certified team roster, league ID cards, medical release forms, travel papers, and passports. US Soccer Development Academy teams should provide a roster generated within the US Soccer Development Academy registration system that includes the player name, date of birth and photo. Player ID cards are not required for existing USSDA teams. For any team new to USSDA, teams may play in the USSDA division of the event using current player passes from their state association. In the event an international team does not have league ID cards, passports for each player must be provided. All players must have a laminated or state association approved player ID card to participate. No player ID card, no play. All player ID cards must be from the 2021/22 or 2022/23 seasons.

Players participating in the tournament must be on the roster prior to the team’s first game. Players may only participate for one team registered in the tournament. Rosters are frozen once the first game starts. Players cannot be added to the roster after the commencement of the first game. No exceptions will be allowed. Each team will be allowed unlimited guest players, up to the roster maximum. Coaches must have a laminated coaches card as well with a photograph from their respective associations. USYSA, US Club Soccer, USSDA coaches must be on roster.

Spectator Information (please pass this along to your team):

Both teams will sit on one side of the field.

Spectators will sit on the opposite side of the field MIRRORING YOUR TEAM.

Please do not sit mixed in with the other team.

Please do not change ends after half-time because your child is the goalkeeper or a forward. Stay on your half of the field mirroring your team.

No spectators are allowed on the team side of the field. Only appropriately carded staff are allowed on the team side of the field.

Any parent videotaping a game must do so from their assigned area on the PARENT side of the field.